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About Hanson fans:
"Don't tell us we don't have a clue because you are scared that the melody is in our veins. Don't tell us to stop chasing because you have no tour bus to follow. Don't tell us to stop dreaming because you realized you never took the time to fall in love with anything but yourself. Don't tell us we aren't serious because we will show you the brands on our skin. Don't tell us to grow up because you didn't have a silly orange CD to help you through your adolescence. And last but not least, don't tell us we won't survive because we'll all tell you that the music lives. The music lives."


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Lisa Frank Rocks My World!
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Lovin' Sanrio!

I'm proud to be a Filipino!

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I was Cinderella of my Junior Prom on February 22, 2002

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Are you gellin'? If not then don't bother.

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My Claims
Zac's fairy costume from the Heidi Klum Halloween Party
Hanson's brotherly relationship
Isaac's amazing guitar skills
The father son relationship between Taylor and Ezra
Zac's amazing drumming skills
Zac's childlike spirit
Zac's cool & funny sense of humor/silliness
Zac's randomness
Zac singing the Ignition Remix
Ain't No Sunshine
All claimed @ hanson_claims

Wish That I Was There
Broken Angel
The Walk
All claimed @ claiming_hanson

Hanson Concerts I Have Been To
Total # of concerts: 6 Plus A Meet & Greet and A Chat With Zac During Tulsa MOE 2012 Weekend
Anaheim HOB on August 31, 2003 ---> Underneath Acoustic Tour '03
Anaheim HOB on March 2, 2004 ---> Acoustic Underneath Promo Tour '04
Anaheim HOB on October 6, 2004 ---> Underneath Tour '04
La Roxy on September 14, 2005 x's 2 with 1 Meet & Greet ---> Random Promo Concert
Tulsa MOE 2012 on May 11-13, 2012 and I got to talk to Zac!

Zac: Love not war.
Zac: peace to your mother.
Zac: Thank your mother. Don't do drugs.
-MSN Chat 6/29/04

-Zac (Ask Hanson 5/20/2004)

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'97 was love.
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I'm Livin' on Hanson Time
HST = Hanson Standard Time
*I'm not always on time for anything and or to be anywhere.
*I always say "soon" and "maybe someday" and phrases like that.
*I don't do everything right away. I procrastinate.

Hanson Fans:
Loud and Proud

"Because, see, Hanson fans are a rare breed. Funny, witty, and diehard. We will never go down, we will never cease, we will never lose the passion that drove us to Hanson in the first place. Rock on my fellow fans. Rock on."

I agreed to the Hanson Fans Contract!

Hanson is BACK!

Hanson is Love
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The Smile is Love

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Isaac Hanson is Nerd Love

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This Time Around is love.
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